Landscape photography

17 Feb

Landscape photography is the most captured type of images. The reason is simple, the beauty of nature is always in front of us and you don’t need to pose or make the landscape comfortable to properly achieve results. There is many type of landscape photography, abstract, minimalist, impressionistic and more.

Landscape photography is better captured 30 minutes prior to sunrise until 90 minutes after sunrise and also 2 hours before sunset to 30 minutes after sunset.


When achieving magnificent landscape photography, some tools will be required.

  • Filters: Circular polarise filter is perfect for landscape to add and control density in the greens, blues and reds. It will also make it possible to control reflection off water, snow and sand. The Density neutral filter will allow for a longer photography exposure to show movement into the landscape mostly with water and sky. 
  • Tripod: A good, steady and light tripod is recommended. You will only buy a tripod once if you purchase the right one. Take you time and be ready to invest more then you planned…carbon fiber is expensive. Think about your style of photography to properly select the head of your tripod.
  • Remote shutter: A remote shutter will save you from camera shake. When pressing the shutter, a vibration will be create on your camera body which will give you a little softness. If your are interested in timelapse photography, invest in the remote with intervalometer.

Various lenses can be used to photograph landscape, from a wide angle to a super telephoto. Don’t think that a focal length has only one use. Be creative, have fun and shoot something different.


  1. Think about your depth of field. What do you want to show.
  2. Think about a focal point.
  3. Think foregrounds. They can make your picture look totally different.
  4. Use lines to show your landscape. They can bring your eye to your main subject.
  5. Think about your horizon. It needs to be straight.


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