The Goal of this blog!

The mission behind this blog is to actually give you knowledge about photography that will help your photography. I decided on a sunday morning to create this source of information because I was tired of seeing people have a hard time with my passion. I want people to enjoy photography. I want people to capture images that they will cherish! I want people to be proud of their souvenirs. I have learned photography on my own so I don’t see why you would be able to master it also.

I will write about the basics of photography but I will also go deeper into the hard subjects such as flash photography, capturing motion, photographing sports, shows and more. We will not talk about editing since I do not edit my images other than colour, exposition, contrast and distortion.

I suggest that you read the recent post tab on the right to find the subject your would like to learn about. Don’t be shy to leave a comment if you have a question, experience or tip you would like to share.


2 Responses to “The Goal of this blog!”

  1. Yannick Giguère January 4, 2011 at 13:24 #

    Thank you very much for this blog !!!

    Finaly I found someone who is passionate enough, confident in his art and not a scrooge about sharing a passion !

    I really really appreciate all the excellent tricks you share !

    I shared this blog with friends who have the same passion.

    I am but a begginer in photography and I am always avid to learn more.

    once again thanks for this excellent blog ! 🙂

    Yours !


    • sebmour1981 January 4, 2011 at 22:22 #

      Thank you Yannick for subscribing and sharing with friends. This blog is especially to get this reaction. To actually help people capture better images for their souvenirs. Don’t be shy to write on the subjects or if you have questions 😀

      Have a good day and keep on reading and writing.


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